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Alarm Systems ...

Your security requirements are unique and to ensure customer satisfaction Electronic Security Solutions are happy to offer an obligation free security evaluation that best suits your home or commercial property.

A standard alarm kit includes:

  • Alarm Panel
  • 3 x Quad Element motion detectors
  • Peizo, siren, strobe
  • LCD codepad &
  • Back up battery
  • Power supply
Trust Electronic Security Solutions (QLD) to professionally provide security and safety solutions to ensure that the safety of your people, property and assets are not compromised.



Monitored Alarm System (24hrs)

Complete piece of mind is the advantage of an alarm system that is monitored 24 hourly back to base. Our monitored clients are on watch 24hrs a day back at base by our 24hr monitoring and control room. The control room will receive any change in your alarm state including the following and will notify you or your selected contacts of such disturbances.


  • Burgler/Intruder alarms
  • Power Failure
  • Fire and Flooding
  • Electrical Faults
  • System Tamper
  • Personal, medical and duress
  • Fire Alarms

Guard Patrol is solely at your digression. Monitoring is inexpensive and greatly enhances the effect of your security system.




CCTV = Closed Circuit Television

CCTV systems are primarily used for security and surveillance purposesand involves the use of Video Surveillance cameras. Cameras range in Size, shape and from standard resolution, high resolution to digital.

Please take advantage of our obligation free quotation to discuss cost effectiveness, camera features and requirements.

DVR A DVR recorder uses a computer hard drive to compress and store video Images taken from the surveillance camera/s. DVR images can be stored At a rate between 25 FPS (frames per second) to 400 FPS, this speed is

Dependant upon the software that is being used.

Stored images are viewed easily and can be passed on to law enforcement when required.

Electronic Security Solutions specialize in the installation of CCTV and DRV systems.

Come in and see our working displays.



Access Control

These devices control/restrict and monitor the access to a specific location eg home, office or commercial site. Access control uses techniques including tag access, fingerprint access or card access. Due to keys being easily lost or duplicated this system is unbeatable to monitor access to your premises.

Come in and see our working display today!



Intercom Systems

Intercom systems give an Audio or visual advantage allowing you to screen guests or clients from the security of your own home/office. Intercom systems are many and varied and will undoubtedly add convenience to your security.

Internal communications within the home or business are also an advantage, offering state of the art technology to encourage better communication within your home or office.



Safes and Lockable cabinets

Heavy Duty safes are essential to ensure the protection and safety of specific items that are irreplaceable in the event of fire or theft, safes range in size from 120kg to 760kg.


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