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As a trusted resource for security systems and alarms on the Gold Coast, Electronic Security Solutions Queensland is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in home and business security.

We have answered many frequently asked questions below and would be happy to provide further clarification on our security services if required.

Give us a call. We’ll arrange a site visit and promptly provide your free quotation.

There’s a good chance we can link you to our 24-hour monitoring control room without any charge. Call us and we’ll analyse your system and provide you with your options.

We have the security expertise and experience, top-quality tools and high-tech to design, install and monitor any type of security system.

Generally yes, it depends on the spare capacity of the recorded installed and access to the system setup. Call us and we’ll analyse your system and provide you with your options.

ESSQ offers a full range of security products. This includes everything from commercial alarms systems to hardwired home alarms to wireless systems to personal and medical alarms that ensure people are just a button away from emergency services and your property is fully protected.

CCTV has been shown to create a safer environment for businesses. These cameras can protect assets, stock, staff, business owners and customers while also helping to deter thieves and vandals. The recorded footage can also be used to solve crimes and improve work safety.

Medi-alarms can be worn as a pendant or as a wristband. A single push of a button will activate the alarm to dial base, even in the garden or shower. Monitored smoke and inactivity detectors are also available.

Many insurance companies require your system to be maintained in accordance with the Australian Standards, therefore they should be serviced annually to ensure they are operating at their full capacity and your insurance policy is not compromised.


As a family business serving the Gold Coast for more than two decades, we are always here to help with exceptional security solutions.


We can custom design a home or business security system that meets all your needs and protects your property from every threat.


Whatever questions you may have about your current security system or installing a new one, we’ve got the answers.

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